18 December 2007

Porter House New York

10 Columbus Cir., 4th floor
New York, NY 10019

The restaurants at the Time Warner Center have a dual personality. While they include some of Manhattan's top dining places including Per Se and Masa, there still remains some hesitancy that any new restaurant is really anything more than public relations glitz without substance.

So when Porter House New York opened in the former Jean-George ill fate steak house space, there was natural apprehension. Can a steak house that advertises it is more than a steak house really be a fine dining place? Can any top restaurant really serve fine steaks and other meat; also serve fine fish, fowl, and etc. meals?

Well the answers are definite yes, yes, yes.

This is a beautiful restaurant, a professionally run establishment that feels like its been here for years; perhaps decades. The front desk staff and floor manager positions are populated with pros. Additionally the bar area runs like a Swiss watch. The seating areas have adequate space between tables, and many of the tables have great views of Central Park, Columbus Circle, or the Manhattan skyline.

The service staff is outstanding; seasoned professional waiters and enthusiastic bus boys. Wine service is knowledgeable and top notched. The wine list is comprehensive and reflects strong United States regional reds, including some fine Long Island wines (Grapes of Roth Merlot at the top of that list) which are perfect to go with the steaks and meats.

And the food is fantastic. While the steaks (outstanding Porterhouses, Sirloins, Fillets) and other meats are outstanding as expected. the fish and fowl dishes are equally outstanding. All the "sides" (as in any steak house) are ordered separately, but they are great and worthy of your attention.

The price for such perfection is high, but the value is greater.

Porter House - Highly Recommended

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