20 March 2008

Bistro Milano

1350 Sixth Avenue (entrance on 55th Street)
New York, NY 10019

A modern Northern Italian trattoria has established itself in mid-town. This new place is from the management team at BICE and Remi, but here they have selected lower priced fare, while retaining the same focus on service and friendliness.

Bistro Milano’s clear glass French door facade gives it an open and inviting appeal. As soon as good weather arrives a large outdoor eating area will bloom just outside the doorways. The interior decor is somewhat nondescript Italian modern, but not in an offensive way (other than the glaring big flat panel screen above the bar that needs to GO). The simple square room has the potential of being cafeteria like, except that the wait staff assures that while it is busy it is remains an orderly room.

The evolving menu is pure Northern Italian, featuring pure simple Italian dishes. This is a place to go for Italian comfort food, not any experimental food. The kitchen has been executing the Milanese cuisine with excellent preparations from day one. In addition to all these Milanese standards, the kitchen also offers a small pizza menu.

Currently the service crew is all Italian from the front desk, waiters through the managers which provides a sense of stability and customer commitment that is increasingly rare.

The wine list is short and not memorable.

Bistro Milano - Recommended

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