14 January 2008


36 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY, 10019

Anthos is Greek for blossom, like the cherry blossoms in sepia photos adorning the walls, which owner Donatella Arpaia has transformed her brother's former Acqua Pazza into an elegant Greek dining room.

The Michael Psilakis delicate food is the essence of Greek cuisine, not the robust fare one expects from a Greek restaurant.

We sampled Anthos in the first ten days after the opening and again over the last 9 months. The food and service is impeccable, including perfect wine service. We appreciated the elegant food, but continue to question if this very high priced cuisine will attract an appreciative audience.

Our initial complaints that were with the front of the house have been corrected over the past year. While when we arrived early in the year to an only one-third occupied restaurant, we were disappointed to be seated shoulder to shoulder with other diners in the rear of the restaurant. When we asked for an end table we were told it was assigned. When we again asked half way through the meal to move to this unoccupied table, the same response. The table was never occupied. However, on subsequent visits our table requests were always honored and every effort was made to accommodate our seating preferences.

The wine list is somewhat disappointing and now as extensive or comprehensive as one expects at a top restaurant. The Greek wines are an interesting approach to match with the modern Greek cuisine.

Anthos - Recommended

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