15 January 2008

Cafe Boulud

20 E. 76th Street
New York, NY, 10021

Cafe Boulud provides a stylish, quality dining experience, executed by the guidance of Daniel Boulud, who periodically stops by to oversee the operation.

The room and decor are reflective of the original Daniel and presents a conservative Manhattan dining experience. However, the total experience is compromised by the tight seating, in which you are as likely to participate in the conversation of the neighboring table as with your companions and guests. I assume the demand for tables has caused management to “double up” the tables, which presents a formidable challenge to the wait staff.

After getting comfortable with the tight quarters, the dining experience is a pleasure, great menus, quality ingredients and preparation. Service is professional and first class.

A recent lunch proved again that this is an outstanding dining place and the prix fix menu yields a real value meal.

The wine list has selections that match well with the menus. Prices tend to be high.

Overall this is elegant cafe dining on the Eastside.

Cafe Boulud - Recommended

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