15 January 2008

Hacienda de Argentina

339 E. 75th Street
New York, NY, 10021

Having traveled twice to Argentina (and once to Uruguay which shares much dining style with Argentina), the one conclusion that can be made is that there is not one Argentinean dining experience. Sophisticated dining in Buenos Aires is nothing like country dining at an estancia or alpine dining in Patagonia.

Hacienda de Argentina is in fact close to the meal one would get at an estancia – a ranch in the pampas.

The d├ęcor is country eclectic dominated by candlelight.

The service is homey, if not perfect.

Grilled beef and other meats dominate the menu. The preparation is traditional country cooking, and can be very good. The owner’s wife is from Argentina and it shows in the small touches.

The wine list is small and reflects many of the fine wines from the Mendoza region of Argentina. If you have not tried a Malbec, this is a perfect place to sample a dine selection of Mendoza's best Malbec wines.

So if you want estancia dining experience on the East Side, here is the place.

Hacienda de Argentina - Recommended

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